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Sunday, October 2, 2022

Rafsan Ullah


You Are Unlimited… Why Hold Yourself Back From Infinite Possibility?

Tapping Into Infinite Possibility The only limitations for what you can be, have and experience this year are those you place on yourself. Because...

California Farmworkers Gain Historic Union Win

Gov. Gavin Newsom ended the suspense over a farmworker labor bill by agreeing to sign it two days before deadline and after much...

Let Your Heartbreak Be Your Guide by Adam Bucko | Book Excerpt

“The kind of spirituality Jesus calls us to is less about withdrawal, protection, safety, and preserving our lives as we know them, and...

‘Highly’ marbled cell-based beef bites developed with 3D printing tech

In Japanese, the word omakase ​translates as ‘I leave it up to you’. In dining, therefore, an omakase meal is one consisting of...

Coats I Love for Fall and Winter 2022

As we gear up for the chilly season, I’m starting to pull out my essential cold-weather apparel items and accessories. At the top...

K-State beef cattle experts detail heterosis advantage

Just as with people, cattle also pass traits to their offspring that can be measured, said the experts at Kansas State University’s Beef...

10 Readers Share Their Happy Moments

Life isn’t easy, so sometimes we like to highlight the things that make it sweet. We asked readers on Instagram to share photos...


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