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Ah, where WOULD we be without those helpful hints from our friendly wreckerators?

“WHAT IN HOLY…oh. It says, ‘Meow!’

“So it must be something that can imitate a cat.”


Sometimes the hints are fairly subtle:

Pssst. You misspelled “Poopy.”


While wiser wreckerators go for slightly more direct labeling:

Finally answering the question, “Can I get a what-what?”








Now you’re just screwing with us.


And finally, my favorite, no doubt written after someone was asked just a few times too many:


Thanks to Sara A., Julia L., Stephanie L., Sadie P., Rose B., Anne B., Elizabeth S., & Erin F., who are all going, “OoooOOooh, NOW I see it!”


P.S. It’s never too early to start decorating for spooky season, and these stick-on bats were my biggest hit last year:

3D Halloween Bats, Exterior Grade, 60 pc set

They’re made of sturdy plastic, come in 4 different sizes, and have adhesive pads to easily stick them up anywhere in or outside your home. (I put a whole belfry of them on our front door.) (I don’t know if “belfry” is right, but I’m going with it. :D) Even better, the whole 60 piece set is only $10 Prime!

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