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Eight Pounds of Fecal Matter – The Tao Blog


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Eight Pounds of Fecal Matter

Taoist teachers are proponents of massaging the corners of the large intestine. Fecal matter can be caught in the ninety-degree turns of the large intestine. It’s not surprising that the average person has eight pounds of waste stuck there. Simple massaging can help that fecal matter move through the system. If that fecal matter stays in the body, those toxins will seep back into the blood and make us sick. 

A helpful diet that is appropriate for the reader will not include a lot of matter and toxins that will get stuck in the large intestine or clog the other organs. Diet can be such an individual subject, but I encourage the reader to experiment with different diets and fasts. I’ve also found that drinking ‘enough’ water really helps the large intestine function. Try drinking double or triple the amount of water you usually drink and see if you have healthier and more regular bowel movements.

If we remain open-minded and persistent, we can find a diet that allows us all to maintain a healthy body weight, sleep well at night, wake up refreshed, move our bowels regularly, and feel healthy. This can all be achieved with no medicine, minimal medication, or no technological assistance.


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