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Worth It: Vuori’s Lux Jumpsuit


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I bought Vuori’s Lux Jumpsuit last year and boldly declared it to be, “the best jumpsuit I’ve ever worn.”

A strong statement for sure, but a year (and many, many wears) later, I stick by it 100%. I mean, I love jumpsuits and have worn many over the years — from dressy velvet jumpsuits to casual off-the-shoulder rompers — but this one is hands-down my all-time favorite.

Made from Vuori’s famous performance fabric that’s insanely soft (you have to feel it to believe it), this jumpsuit is the one to have in your closet.

jumpsuit (M) | sandals | sunglasses | similar bralette

This is the most comfortable jumpsuit EVER (Vuori reviewers agree). If you own the performance joggers we all rave about, then you know about the unreal softness (“buttery” is the best description) of their fabrics and why we all love them so much.

I can wear this jumpsuit as a cover-up at the beach, for working out, as PJs, or dress it up for dinner.

jumpsuit (M) | sunglasses | similar bralette

In fact, those two pieces S mentions (the joggers and this jumpsuit) were the first things I packed for our trip down to North Carolina. In fact, they’re pretty much the first things I pack for any trip, anywhere. (Even if it’s just a staycation at a hotel across the highway.) I can wear this jumpsuit as a cover-up at the beach, for working out, lounging around, as PJs, and can even dress it up for dinner. It’s one of the most versatile items in my wardrobe. The jumpsuit is worth every penny — the way the fabric holds up to wear, you’d never know I’ve been wearing it constantly all year.

The elastic waistband (with adjustable drawcord) helps to define the waist of the Vuori Lux Jumpsuit.

jumpsuit (M) | sandals

This jumpsuit is not only insanely comfortable, but it’s also really flattering too. The fabric around the middle blouses up and drapes loosely over the belly while the elastic waistband (with adjustable drawcord) helps define the waist.

This jumpsuit is insanely soft and comfortable.

jumpsuit (M) | sunglasses | similar bralette

The fit is slightly generous if you follow the size chart. I’m wearing a medium here (6-8, 28-29 according to the chart), and I like the fact that there’s a bit more room since it’s slightly oversized (I’m typically a 6/28, small or medium). The small would have worked if I wanted the jumpsuit to be a little more slim fit or curve-hugging (check out the pics on the models for a better idea of the smaller fit), but I prefer the lower neckline and drapey fit of the larger size.

I like the lower neckline and drapey fit of sizing up the Vuori jumpsuit.

jumpsuit (M) | sandals | sunglasses | similar bralette

It looks good all on its own, but I’ve styled it a bunch of different ways. Check out a few below:

Playground Outfit: Jumpsuit With Jacket

This is how I style the Vuori Jumpsuit with a jean jacket.

jumpsuit (M) | denim jacket (S) | converse sneakers (similar)

The Vuori DreamKnit fabric looks great next to denim. I layered it under a classic jean jacket and and put on my Converse for chasing the kids around the playground.

Dinner Outfit: Jogger Jumpsuit Dressy

This is a great jumpsuit for summer & it also holds up under an open cardigan for a early fall date-nights.

jumpsuit (M) | cardigan (XS) | similar sandals

Yes, this is a great jumpsuit for summer. But it also holds up under an open cardigan for a early fall date-nights.

Brunch Outfit: Jumpsuit with Button-Up

Casual brunch outfit? Jumpsuit with a button-up.

jumpsuit (M) | shirt (0) | similar sneakers

Vuori’s currently sold out of the navy I’m wearing here, but it also comes in black (my next purchase!), a gorgeous jade green, grey heather, and a terracotta rose color. Looks great under an open button-up.

Travel Outfit: Jumpsuit Cozy

The Vuori jumpsuit is hands down the best jumpsuit for travel.

jumpsuit (M) | maxi cardigan (XS) | sneakers | sunglasses

It’s just the best jumpsuit for travel. There’s also a Lux Harem version that has a bit more room throughout and regular tank (non-racerback) top.


Photo Credit: Terah Hoobler Photography

This one’s for the pinners!

From airplane travel to dinner date the super-soft Vuori Lux jumpsuit is the best jumpsuit for every outfit. It's a proven cost-per-wear winner.

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